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How to choose a suitable laser cutting machine

Update: 2022-04-08

 Due to the expansion of application fields and the continuous improvement of CO2 laser cutting machine, how to select the appropriate machine has become a difficult problem. We will introduce the following points to you from a professional point of view, hoping to help you。


1.     Cutting accuracy
Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting machine tools. The difference between good machine tools and poor machine tools lies in whether the accuracy of high-speed cutting parts has changed significantly. Yitai laser cutting machine adopts German PA system, 0.01mm positioning accuracy and ultra-fine cutting technology to meet all your expectations for mold manufacturing
2.     Cutting efficiency
Cutting efficiency is the core profit index to evaluate the machine. Cutting efficiency refers to the time of cutting the workpiece. This is not just about cutting speed. As we all know, apart from other parameters, only the cutting time can not be forged. Yitai laser adopts patented laser cutting head design, and the cutting speed is 20% faster.
3.     Maintenance cost
At present, the largest maintenance cost of laser cutting machine mainly comes from the maintenance cost of laser, so it is very important to have a professional after-sales team.
We further expand the scope of service concepts. Customer service is becoming increasingly important with the explicit goal of improving performance and adding value to machine throughout its lifecycle, prioritizing concepts such as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), the total value of an equipment not only determined by its purchase value, but also depends on the services associated with it throughout its lifetime. We provide services tailored to customer needs, with the goal of optimizing and extending equipment life.
Yitai engineers can provide customers with on-site or online remote support. On-site support, our engineers will provide you with a series of professional services, including system setup, optimization, upgrade, maintenance and troubleshooting. Customers who have contracts during the warranty period can get technical support within 24 hours.
4.     Service life
Service life is the core cost saving index for evaluating the machine. The longer the service life of the machine tool, the lower the depreciation cost of the equipment. The main factors that determine the service life of the machine are as follows. The first is the rigidity of the machine, that is, the heavier the tonnage, the better the rigidity. The second is the accessories of the machine, especially the brand and quality of the transmission device. The third is the manufacturing level, technology accumulation and inheritance of technical experience.
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