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How to choose a sample cutting machine

Update: 2022-04-01

 How to choose a sample cutting machine? The sample cutting machine is of epoch-making significance and is a suitable partner that can improve the production efficiency of carton factories. It is the trend of the future development of automated machinery production. The higher the automation coverage, the more advanced it is. It is an indispensable prepress equipment for packaging entrepreneurs.

How to use the sample cutting machine? First of all, the application industry of the sample cutting machine is mainly used for carton, color box, foam, KT board, etc. The machine combination includes vibrating knife, dragging knife, laser aiming, pressing wheel and drawing pen. , do not necessarily buy all; before cutting the sample, we can use software, such as CAD to draw drawings, set the parameters on the proofing machine computer, the automatic cutting machine can execute the cutting instructions according to the parameters, and draw all kinds of exquisite sample. No manual operation is required, just wait.
What are the options for a sample cutting machine? First we talk about the vibrating cutter head: usually used to cut corrugated cardboard. The material of sponge is EVA, the inner pad of pearl cotton carton is shockproof, and there are foam boards, KT boards and so on. The half-penetrating cutter head is very similar to the half-penetrating knife. It is mainly used to cut corrugated paper and gray cardboard in pits E and F, and can also be used for cardboard films of a certain thickness. The creasing wheel is usually the crease line of the platen. The sample cutter always needs crease to cut out the sample. For thicker samples, manual folding is easy to hurt the hand, and the folding is very unsightly. The cardboard cutter head and other knives are a combination cutter, which is also a must-have cutter in our new GSB series, which we will mention later. The second function is the pen head, which, as the name suggests, is used for drawing and drawing die diagrams. Some high-end sample cutting machines are also equipped with: knife template cutting head, bottom die cutting head, V-shaped cutting head, etc.


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