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About Us

Yitai die making supply was established in 2003, which belongs to Taiwan Grandcorp Group. Yitai die making supply is professionally in manufacturing laser cutting machine, flat&rotary die board, die cutting&creasing rule,and providing other related die making materials and machines.We have been in die making industry for over 10 years and our products have been exported to North America,South Asia,Australia,South America,Africa and other regions and we also have many distributors and partners in overseas. Our company is committed to providing one-stop service solutions for packaging printing and die making enterprises.

The company mainly produces 400W, 600W laser cutting machine; 60W-150W laser engraving and cutting machine; 1000W-3000W axis fast flow laser cutting machine. The machines can cut plywood, acrylic, MDF, rubber sheet, Ozon board, stainless steel sheet, thin carbon steel sheet, titanium plate. The products are mainly used in dies, printing, optoelectronics, process advertising, photo frame model, decorative furniture and other related industries.

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Yitai Die Making

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