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Environmentally friendly and efficient manufacturer customization saves tens of thousands of mold labor costs every year

Update: 2022-04-15

I remember that 20 years ago, the sample box production in the carton factory was made by hand. It took about 0.8-2 hours to make a carton from hand-painted drawings to hand-made sample boxes. Small batches cannot be produced, so the carton sample cutting machine came into being.
The carton and carton computer sample cutting machine developed by YITAI can complete the cutting of carton, cardboard, PP hollow board, EPE, EVA, gift box, honeycomb cardboard without the need of knife template and die-cutting machine through cutting head and creasing head. Indentation and molding save a lot of molds, die-cutting machines and labor costs. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the shape of the designed carton, you can modify it at any time. After confirming that the product meets the customer's requirements, mass production will help reduce production waste. , and can help the business personnel of the packaging factory to win customer orders faster and at a lower cost, and better serve customers.

At present, there are three commonly used models, namely GSB851310, GSB851815, and GSB852516, which basically cover the needs of different users, and come standard with vibrating knife, drag knife, pressure wheel, cursor, and drawing pen. Optional V-groove cutter, camera, pneumatic cutter, special specifications can also be customized, such as adding a milling cutter, special specifications and dimensions, to ensure that customers can choose satisfactory products
For example, if a customer's sample only needs a few hundred cartons, our carton sample cutting machine can be fully competent and can be completed in one day. As long as a well-mannered drafter does not need a master with die-cutting technology, there is no hidden danger of unsafe machines hurting people. It is easy to complete the task, and the cardboard box has not been die-cut to achieve the highest comprehensive strength, no need to wait for molding time, no need to spend the cost of molding, no need to pay the wages of the die-cutting master, and no need for electricity bills for machine operation. I'm not looking forward to having a prototype of my own.


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