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Update: 2022-04-22

 At beginning of April, Kunshan city was blocked because COVID-19 cases raising. In order to better prevent and control the epidemic, the city have to go slowly, which makes it more difficult for us to travel and more difficult to obtain supplies. 
But both our government and enterprises are actively addressing it.Many of us are helping each other and delivering the warmth of the city.

Most customers' orders are not affected and are still proceeding as planned.
Yitai die making supply has made plans for the raw materials in advance.

Our colleagues have been staying in the factory to ensure that our business is not affected. Currently, They haven't been able to meet their families for 20 days or so. 

“I really miss them.My family also miss me, but I am happy to know that they are all right. My family and I all believe that such days will end very soon and we will be able to meet very soon. We will spend in the hard days, which is also a good exercise and test for my life.” One of our production worker said. 

We YITAI die making supply will continue to handle all the business, and the epidemic will not affect the normal operation of the company.

After the storm, there is sunshine. Winter is gone, will spring be far behind?


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