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Flat Laser Cutting Machine JCDZ-A1225 1000W

Flat Laser Cutting Machine » JCDZ-A1225 1000W

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JCDZ-A1225 1000W

Flat Laser Cutting Machine

Features And Functions
-PA laser dedicated CNC system, laser and machine control system into one.
-The machine is equipped with CAD/CAM dedicated automatic programming software, which is to facilitate the production of graphics, programming and maximize the conservation of raw materials, and special cutting process features.
-The machine uses fully-enclosed cover, the effect of removing smoke is very good,100% no smoke left in the workshop when cutting.
-The machine with enclosed optical path, use positive pressure to remove the dust, which can ensure the lens life.
-Stainless steel plate cover, can bear at least two weighted 80kgs men standing on it, no deformation.
-Quick marking function is optional.
-New laser head design with anti-collision system, two separated pressing feet with balls on the bottom, make sure moving smoothly.
-Gantry type machine can individually adjust 45,90°,135 and whole X direction cutting kerf tightness.X,Y,Z axis individually control.
-Auto oiling system.
-Cutting path display.
-High energy savings: one bottle Helium gas can be used for 300 hours.

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Flat Laser Cutting Machine Details


Model no
the table moving
Gantry construction
Laser output power 
High power axial flow CO2 laser source
X-axis travel 
Y-axis travel
Cutting speed
Cutting width kerf
0.45mm, 0.71mm, 1.05/1.07mm at one time (die board)
Chiller system
Made in China
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)
G. Weight
Laser generator gas matched
He, N2, CO2 (99.99%)
The maximum cutting board size
Re-Positioning Precision
Controlling system
Germany PA
Laser cutting thickness
Centrifugal blower
1 Set
Transmission system
Ball screw & Linear guide (TAIWAN)
Driving system
Japan high-precision servo motors
Optical system
Moving structure


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