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Cross table laser cutting machine JCGD1218-400w

Cross table laser cutting machine » JCGD1218-400w

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Cross table laser cutting machine

Features And Functions
-Cross table structure, stable cutting, small floor space required for machine.
-Adopt domestic advanced CO2 sealing type water-cooled laser tube, combined with good precision of CNC control mechanical system. Suitable for wooden cutting die and precision electronic cutting die production.
-Using split type fixed optical path structure, to avoid the high-power cutting size problem because of the optical path deviation.
-Unique smoke exhausts design; create a good working environment for worker. Only 220v external power source is needed and making low cost. There is no need to wait long time for start and running the machine.
Can cut 15mm-23mm plywood, PVC board, organic glass. The cutting line width can be 0.45mm,0.71mm,1.05mm,1.42mm etc.
Simple and clear-cutting line adjustment technology. Cutting software can be compatible with AutoCAD. CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop. Editing path is very easy and convenient.

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Cross table laser cutting machine Details


Model No.


The table moving

Gantry construction

Laser output power

High power axial flow CO2 laser source

X-axis travel-length


Y-axis travel-length


Cutting precision


Re-Positioning Precision


Cutting width kerf                        

0.45mm, 0.71mm, 1.05/1.07mm  (die board)

Average. cutting speed


Transmission system

Ball screw & Linear guide (HIVIN)

Driving system

Yaskawa high-precision servo motors

Overall dimensions (L x W x H)


G. Weight


Laser generator gas matched


Laser cutting thickness


Centrifugal blower

1 set

Power consumption

4-5 degrees/h


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