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YITAI Die Making Alibaba Live Show

Update: 2020-12-18

Now all Chinese has witnessed the popularity of live show platform of TAOBAO and Tik-Tok. Traditional international trading business was hit hard by COVID-19 this year. International exhibitions have to be canceled and foreign trade enterprises need to make full use of the B2B platform, especially the stream of live show.

The development of live broadcast is a big shock for the traditional marketing mode, At the same time, it also urges us to adapt to the changes of the times and keep pace with the present times. Till now YITAI DIE MAKING SUPPLY has already organized more than 5 live shows to customer on FB platform and international alibaba platform successfully. Whatsapp more, more and more clients invites us for video conferencing to know more details of our die making machines including laser cutting machine, auto bending machine , cnc rotary router, etc. This will a trend for doing business with customer before COVID-19 is totally controlled across the world.


In November, YITAI DIE MAKING SUPPLY continued another alibaba live show in our customers die shop. We showed our medium power 600w laser cutting machine with crosstable. After the show, we got more fans on alibaba. YITAI laser machines won more popularity in global die making area.


On 18th of December, we will continue with alibaba live show of our laser cutting machine in our laser machine factory in Shenzhen. Our Anchor Ms Iris will show you all around our factory. 


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