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You haven't learned about rule cutting machine yet?

Update: 2022-01-15

   Rule cutting machine YTLC-40 has two functions of die-cutting rule and creasing rule cutting and corner cutting at the same time. Trial range of the machine. The machine is easy to operate, the cutting edge is flat, and the wear of the die-cutting knife and the beer line is reduced.

2. Technical Specifications
(1) Maximum width of cutting and lipping knife line: 40mm
Angle of lipping: 15°42′
(2)Dimensions: 700×900×260 mm
(3)Machine weight: 20Kg

3. Installation of the machine
After receiving the machine, the user opens the package, wipes all parts of the machine body, and checks whether there is any looseness. It is necessary to ensure that the relative positions of the upper and lower knife blocks are accurate to avoid abnormal wear of the knife blocks and shorten the service life of the machine.
After everything is ready, fix the machine on the work surface with four M6 screws, and inject lubricating oil into each oil hole.  
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