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Come and understand the application of computerized proofing machine's die-cutting and indentation technology in corrugated boxes

Update: 2021-06-04

The layout of the laser is to draw CAD graphics with a computer, or input with a scanner, compile a die-cutting and indentation program, and confirm by proofing by a computer proofing machine, and use a laser cutting machine to cut the plate to make a die-cutting and indentation version.
Using a laser as an energy source, a computer-controlled laser cutting machine cuts the substrate at the high temperature generated by the laser. The laser can control the design of individual graphics, automatically add bridges when cutting the plate, and output laser cutting graphics. The computer-controlled laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of complicated plate gaps while ensuring the integrity of the plate. The scimitar machine is used in conjunction with the computer, and the scimitar is accurate. The gap cut by the laser cutting machine is smooth, flat and precise.
The laser has high printing accuracy, but the base is still made of multi-layer plywood, which is easily deformed by moisture.
There are many parameters required for cutting, such as material quality parameters, sheet thickness, laser output power, secondary gas type, pressure, nozzle diameter, aperture, distance between material and nozzle, lens focal length, focus position and cutting speed. Its main disadvantage is that the laser cutting machine is expensive and the cost is high, which makes the production cost of the die-cutting board higher. Such general die-cutting boards are produced by professional manufacturers and customized directly by users.
(4) High-pressure water jet cutting device.
Use high-pressure water jets to cut fiber plastic panels. If a laser cutting machine is used to cut plastic fibers, harmful gases and smoke will be generated. When cutting fiber plastic sheets on a saw, the saw blade is worn and a large amount of dust is generated, which causes serious pollution to the environment.
Use the computer to draw the CAD drawing, and through the scanning input, compile the die-cutting and indentation program, use the high-pressure water jet cutting machine to cut the plate, and make the die-cutting and indentation board. The high-pressure water jet typesetting controls a single graphic design, and automatically increases the position of the bridge surface when the plate is cut, which can cut the plate into any complicated gap, while maintaining the integrity of the plate, and cooperate with the computer to accurately process the curved surface. The gap cut by the laser cutting machine is smooth, flat and precise.
High-pressure water jet cuts fibers without pollution. The high-pressure water beam is similar to the laser beam and can be precisely controlled by a computer. The incision is smooth and straight, with high incision precision and good cutting quality. The fiberboard is not deformed when wet, and the dimensional accuracy is high; the equipment cost is expensive.


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