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Warm YITAI Team, Happy Work

Update: 2020-07-02

 Because of COVID-19, the year of 2020 is really a tough year for most of the enterprises all over the world.The unemployment of America has risen to 14.7% since April, 2020, which was the most highest year in the past 5 years. And the in China the data also has rose to 6.2%. Many enterprises has to lower the salary or take redundancy to survive.

  However, even under such depressed global economy situation, We YITAI DIE MAKING SUPPLY still insist on adhering to the principle of harmonious Development in Society and Employees. Every month YITAI will celebrate birthdays for our employees. In the month of June, 3 of our employees, Mr Pengyi who has worked in YITAI 20 years and other 2 workmates enjoyed an unforgettable birthday party together with YITAI team.  “ Every year my birthday is celebrated by YITAI TEAM. It was really happy to work in YITAI. “ Mr Peng said. YITAI’s general manager Ms Molly Xu specially prepared birthday presents for the staffs. “ I was so moved and thankful that my boss prepared such beautiful gift for me!” One of new staff Miss Qinwen said happily.

  YITAI DIE MAKING SUPPLY, which is a professional manufacturer die making machines and materials with more than 25 years experience. We are young and vigorous team. Our staff are positive, honest, responsible, hardworking. We devoted to exporting zero-defect Chinese die making machines, materials all over the world. In the month of June, YITAI continues providing service for customer. We have exported 5 containers of flat&rotary die board, and other die making materials&tools. 5sets die making machines including laser cutting machine, sample cutting machine and auto bending machine. Our after sale service engineers finished online technical support to help our customer install and train 6sets laser cutting machines , cnc rotary router, and other die making machines. Our vision is to be the most trust-able and influential one stop service die making supplier in China. 


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