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Wind and Rain Together——Yitai Team

Update: 2020-05-18

Wind and Rain Together——Yitai Team


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The sudden epidemic outbreak COVID-19 caught us unprepared. It was not only a crisis but also an acid test.In the current epidemic situation, the world has witnessed the tenacity and extraordinary cohesion of Chinese.


Regardless of epidemic control or economic development, every extraordinary achievement is made up of bits and pieces; The prosperity and strength of the country must always be built on the struggle of the vast number of workers fighting for the day and night.


The front line is the battlefield to stop the epidemic, and the rear that provides protection is also the battlefield. In the chain that maintains the basic operation of society, there are many groups that play an important role like takeout men and express men.

In addition to the medical personnel who are on the front line, there are also prevention and control personnel, cleaning staff, power supply personnel, volunteers, sanitation workers, taxi drivers and other groups bearing heavy responsibilities and silently dedicating. They are indispensable for guarding the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control and maintaining the basic operation of society.


As old saying goes A friend in need is a friend indeed, this epidemic also let us see the warmth of all countries. There is Although hills ’n rills set us apart, The moon and wind share our kind heart. from Japan, and low-key and luxurious Russia,the Pakistan brothers who have the power of the whole country to help China. All these tell us that during fighting against the epidemic, it is the indisputable facts about the community of human destiny and the community of responsibility.


The fierce outbreak was just blocked by the Chinese people, and suddenly broke out abroad. A favor of drop of water received should be repaid with a surging spring. At the critical moment when China was hit by a virus, our friends from all over the world gave us material assistance and spiritual blessings. We always keep them in mind.Not only Chinese government donated materials, but also major domestic enterprises have successively offered necessities to foreigners,who exuded their own light and heat. Wind and rain together——Yitai Team’. Yitai Die Making Supply has always insisted on being an enterprise with mission of warm, responsibility, and courage since its inception.


When we knew the seriousness of the Australian epidemic situation and the shortage of medical protective materials in the country where the client is located, we urgently purchased all kinds of prevention materials including medical protective masks, disinfectant wipes, tissues, etc to solve their current problems. After receiving the materials, the customer were very moved and felt the warmth and sentiment of friends. At the same time, we also proved that the customer is a friend and a relative by practical actions.

We always believe that win-win cooperation is not only reflected in the business field, but should also be reflected in life. The quality of the goods is reassuring, but it is also necessary to make friendly measures to make people warm. At the same time, we also hope and believe that with Chinese successful epidemic experience, the epidemic situation abroad will eventually pass away. Life will return to normal, and the sky after suffering will be brighter and the smiles on people ’s faces will be brighter and happier.




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