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400W/600W laser cutting machine advantages for die making

Update: 2023-03-14

400W/600W Die Board Laser Cutting Machine 

YITAI 400W/600W Laser Cutting Machine - Adopt the advanced 400W C02 sealing type water-cooled laser tube combined with precision up to 0.05mm of numerical control mechanical systems. Not only Get The precision of laser die making, But also reduce the costs of laser die making. laser cutting die consumption is extremely low. Can cutting 1mm-25mm wooden board, Plastic board, organic glass, Acrylic board at speed of 30-50m/h. And the machine can cut the gap at 0.45mm, 0.71mm, 1.05mm, 1.07mm and so on at uniform cutting kerf width also up and down seam.

What are the attractive advantages of 400W laser machine?

First of all, it is its superb cost performance. Compared with the 2000W high power laser machine, it is less expensive, occupies a smaller area and is easy to move. with the  precision up to 0.02mm of numerical control mechanical systems, it can reach cutting die manufacturing precision and at the same time greatly reduce the production cost. Simple and clear-cutting line adjustment technology. Cutting software can be compatible with AutoCAD. CoreDraw, Adobe Photoshop. Editing path is very easy and convenient.


The second is that it is very low maintenance. With its own laser tube and do not need to add any auxiliary gas to cut, laser cutting die consumption is extremely low. an external power source 220V is ok. And no opening preparation delay. The cutting costs is only 5 RMB/Hour


And all the optical lenses are imported from USA VI Inc. and assembled in a 100% clean room, ensuring high-quality output and stability. The entire machine has undergone IS09002 quality system certification, making it the only CO2 laser manufacturer with this distinction.


YITAI 400W/600W dieboard Laser Cutting Machine not only Get The precision of laser die making, But also reduce the costs of laser die making. Suitable for wooden board laser die cutting and precision electronic laser die making. Upgrade your cutting capabilities with YITAI Laser Cutting Machine. Get yours today and experience the difference! If you are interested, please contact us!

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