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How to adjust the pressure and level of the flexo doctor blade?

Update: 2021-08-07

 Excessive scraping pressure is easy to produce fine metal particles. These metal particles are mixed in the ink and may get stuck between the doctor blade and the anilox roller. The entire mesh on the anilox roller is destroyed and the circumference of the anilox roller is damaged. , And finally made the anilox roll was discarded.

Regarding the closed scraper system, pay attention to keeping the scraper cavity level, parallel to the axis of the anilox roller, so that the pressure of the upper and lower scrapers is consistent. Otherwise, the scraper process is prone to failures such as uneven scraper, oil leakage, and uneven scraper wear. In the closed squeegee system, the selection and maintenance of the ink sealing cover also have problems that are easily overlooked.
As we all know, the closed squeegee system must rely on the sealing cover to prevent ink leakage and overflow. Therefore, the size, material, and routine maintenance of the sealing cover are also issues that flexible printing companies should pay attention to.
In short, the anilox roller is the heart of flexible printing, and it can not be ignored as well as the doctor blade used in combination. Choosing the appropriate thickness, material and type of squeegee and minimizing the area of the squeegee are beneficial to flexible printing. I believe that flexible printing companies take it seriously and operate correctly to get the ideal squeegee effect and satisfactory printing quality.


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