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Looking for a fully automatic carton sample cutting machine? Also suitable for cutting car mats

Update: 2021-07-03

The automatic carton sample cutting machine adopts computer programming to cut product materials of different shapes, greatly improving the utilization rate of materials, and greatly reducing the waste of enterprise materials. Car mat cutting machine, sofa seat cover mould cutting machine, car decoration cutting machine, car seat cutting machine, composite leather cutting machine, sample machine.

The PVC soft glass cutting machine adopts a high-end high-end four-axis high-speed motion control system with independent intellectual property rights, and the system upgrade and maintenance are not controlled by a third party.
The maintenance is convenient, the reliability is high, and the cost is low during the period. With the control right in hand, users can customize personalized special programs for remote upgrades

Adopting the international advanced design concept of replaceable heads, the heads are integrated with non-fixed welding, which can be easily replaced and added with different functions according to actual work needs and business scope expansion.

The servo motor drives the screw control mode, which can preset the tool depth for storing the tool pressure. Compared with the old pneumatic head, it completely got rid of the history of manually adjusting the depth of the tool based on experience, and simply adjusted the number, which completely solved the problem that the pneumatic pressure cannot vary with temperature and time.

The controller has been upgraded from the era of computer motherboards to the era of high-performance integrated circuit controllers. It can be connected to any ordinary computer (including notebook) without the need for a special high-end computer. If the computer fails, the ordinary computer operating equipment can be easily replaced, and the new product that completely eliminates the paralysis of the automatic carton proofing machine due to the computer link failure can save costs.


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